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Damp walls?
We have the solution.

Our solution for the sustainable drying of building walls is called OMBRELLO® – a small device with amazing effects. It stops lateral penetrating or the capillary rising moisture, transports it back into the ground and therefore acts as a protective shield for your property. The device works purely physically, without chemistry.

21 – 24 september 2023
Hall 3 / booth E21

Messe Bauen und Modernisieren 2023 Zürich

Visit us at the 52nd “Bauen & Modernisieren” trade fair in Zurich. In hall 3 / booth E21, we as specialists will advise you in the field of wall dehumidification and answer your questions about your property.

home-dry – Your specialist for wall dehumidification

Damp or wet walls in the house or cellar, mouldy smells in buildings and mildew at home – all these can be prevented. home-dry® gmbh is specialises in treating damp walls (internal and external) and cellars. Our physical technology for the treatment of damp in buildings guarantees dry walls, laying the foundations for dry and cosy homes. Crumbling plaster, salt efflorescence, damp patches on walls and mildew are soon a thing of the past.

Advantages of OMBRELLO®:

  • OMBRELLO® was developed and manufactured in Switzerland – our product is of the very highest quality.
  • OMBRELLO® eliminates the source of the moisture in the damp walls instead of only concealing the symptoms – our solution is of sustainable design.
  • OMBRELLO® works with any type of building structure.
  • No structural or chemical measures are necessary.
  • Our solution does not produce any electrosmog and is environmentally friendly.
  • OMBRELLO® is very energy efficient – the annual costs for electrical power range from CHF 8 to CHF 10.
  • We are at your side throughout the entire process, from the analysis of the cause of the damp until the building has been completely dried.
  • We have been giving a dehydration and dryness maintenance guarantee since 1992.

Guaranteed drying results!

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of wall dehumidification and the success with OMBRELLO®, we have been able to give our customers a dryness guarantee since 1992. If your building is not dry within a period of three years after installation, we will remove the wall drying system and refund 100 percent of the purchase price.

Gabriel Turke aus Uster

«In our residential and commercial building in Uster, we could hardly use the basement space. I’m glad that I decided to use the Ombrello wall dehumidification system, because since then damp walls are no longer an issue for me and I can even use the basement as storage.»

Gabriel Turke from Uster

Probst: mauerentfeuchtung

«When I first heard about the company home-dry and their technology for drying buildings, I was totally skeptical. But with my technical understanding, I quickly realized that this must be something very special. Our home had been suffering from dampnes for years, resulting in a musty smell and salt efflorescence and mold on the walls. After Mr. Wild had installed the OBRELLO R7+ in the basement, the effect was quickly noticeable and also visible. Within 6 months the guaranteed success was there, our cellar walls are dry and also the musty smell is a thing of the past. We are thrilled and more than 100% satisfied.»

Marianne &Daniel Probst from Ostermundigen

Daniel Adamus aus Toffen: Referenz Mauerentfeuchtung

«The OMBRELLO drying system has proven to be exceptionally effective. We had assumed that the cause of the dampness was the slope water. At that time, we did not know that the water supply pipe was leaking and filling the ground with water. OMBRELLO recorded a decrease in moisture in the walls already during the phase of the leaking water pipe.»

Daniel Adamus from Toffen


«We have long been looking for a solution to dehumidify our basement walls. When our neighbors recommended us the company home-dry gmbh, we were very skeptical at first, because there were critical voices about the drying method on the internet. Because of the drying guarantee, we decided to have the wall dehumidifier installed. Within a few months, the moisture measurement showed a significant improvement. The climate in the cellar is now pleasant and the cellar smell has also disappeared. The humidity values are reduced from year to year. The device has a definite and lasting effect. We can highly recommend home-dry.»

Familie W. from Zofingen

Helene Artmann Uster

«I am very sensitive to radiation and was concerned that OMBRELLO could endanger my health. The home-dry company promised to take the device back if I felt any negative changes. Shortly after installation, I even had the impression that I was feeling better than before. The humidity is gone and we are all doing very well.»

Helene Artmann from Uster

Katharina und Ulrich Fischer aus Thun

«Our property was so affected by dampness that mold was even forming on the walls. Since installing the OMBRELLO wall dehumidification system, we have more usable space, healthier living and just a better feeling home.»

Katharina und Ulrich Fischer from Thun

Thomas Rudolf aus Thun

«Since I got to know home-dry and OMBRELLO, damp basements are no longer a problem for me. I have had an OMBRELLO wall dehumidification system installed in all my older properties – the best solution for drying out damp walls

Thomas Rudolf from Thun

Stocker: referenz home-dry

«My historic farmhouse was affected by severe moisture for years, so that even the wooden boxes in my basement rotted. Thanks to the investment in the OMBRELLO wall dehumidification system from home-dry, I was able to convert the previously unusable space into a woodworkshop a few years ago – I’m thrilled.»

Fredi Stocker from Hombrechtikon

Verena Bernhard aus Biel

«Our historic house directly on Lake Biel suffered from wall dampness for decades. Expensive structural engineering measures through injections did not bring the desired success. Only the OMBRELLO installation had a positive influence on the room climate. The living comfort improved within a short time. The house is now pleasantly warm and odorless, and the old quarry stone walls no longer radiate cold.»

Verena Bernhard from Biel

Areas of application

Our technology works independently of the building substance and does not have to be adjusted to it first, as other processes do. Both sand, brick and natural stone, mixed and concrete masonry as well as wood and other natural building materials can be drained with OMBRELLO®.


Historic buildings and old buildings

Physical desiccation with OMBRELLO® is a gentle method to solve moisture problems in historic buildings, preserving both structural and cultural value and providing long-term benefits to the building structure.

Hotel facilities and new buildings

Physical drylining provides long-term protection against moisture damage, even in hotel complexes and new construction, and promotes a healthy quality of living.

Apartment buildings and vacation homes

OMBRELLO® offers a long-term solution to eliminate moisture problems, which improves the quality of living and prevents damage to the building structure to maintain the value of the property.

home-dry – We dry your building – sustainably and guaranteed.

home-dry is a family business. Since the 80’s we have gained extensive experience in the field of building drying. Our Swiss wall dehumidification system OMBRELLO® eliminates and prevents the cause of damp walls without structural measures, chemical-free and harmless to people, animals and plants. OMBRELLO® is therefore the most cost-effective alternative to structural remediation measures. Our clear service orientation enables us to offer a comprehensive, competent and satisfactory overall service. Every masonry dehumidification system we install is covered by the drainage and dry preservation guarantee.

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